Integral waterproofing liquid for Concrete

CETPROOF IWL is based on processed modified ligno sulphonates and additives which is supplied as brown liquid easily dispersible in water. CETPROOF IWL ensures the waterproofing by two ways - increase workability in concrete by reduction of water will result hence and impermeable concrete.

Advantages : -

  • Improves workability of concrete.
  • Reduces permeability through the depth of concrete.
  • Prevents segregation and bleeding.
  • Increases durability of concrete and results in better surface finish.
  • Strength of the concrete is maintained.
  • Prevents formation of cracks due to reduction in shrinkage.

Area of application: -

  • Water retaining structures.
  • Basements, terraces, balconies and roof slabs.
  • Swimming pools, water tank and other structure exposed to water moisture.

Direction of use: -

  • CETPROOF IWL should be added with the measured gauge water. It should not be added to the dry cement/mix.

Dosage: - 200g to 300g per 50kg bag of cement.

Packing: - 200g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg & 225kg