Water reducing / Retarding Super Plasticiser

CETPROOF NCR is based on processed Naphthalene & Ligno sulphonated and additives which is supplied as brown liquid and can be used with all types of Portland cements.

Advantages : -

  • Extends setting time.
  • Prevents cold joints in monolithic structure.
  • Increased workability makes places easier compaction and finishing
  • Reduced permeability and increased durability.
  • Reduction in w/c ratio.
  • Used in pump concrete

Area of application: -

  • Hot weather concreting.
  • Ready-mix concreting.
  • Congested reinforcement.
  • Above or below grade waterproofing.
  • For controlled delays to initial and final setting of concrete mixes.

Direction of use : Add the required dosage to the gauging water

Dosage : 200g to 600g per 50 kg cement

Packing : 225 kg