Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating

CETCON 2K is two component acrylic polymer modified elastomeric cementations coating, consists of specially selected cements, graded hard wearing aggregates and additives supplied in powder and polymer emulsion liquid component.

Advantages : -

  • Elastomeric with thermal expansion similar to concrete.
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry.
  • Weather resistance, prevents concrete from corrosion by atmosphere.
  • Provides a durable coating.
  • Excellent for leaking brick and masonry walls, damp proofing of basements.
  • Non-toxic, ideal for potable water tanks.

Area of Application : -

  • Provides a seamless waterproof coating suitable for roofs, terraces, parapets, bathrooms and sunken portions of toilet blocks to ensure waterproofing.

Direction of use : -

  • For more details, please download PDF.

Coverage : - 18 to 20 sq. mts. in two coats in 30 kg set depend upon application and surface.

Packing : - 30 kg (Powder 20 kg + Liquid 10 kg)