CETPLAST UC Plaster-cum-Wall Putty

Polymer based undercoat (UC) Unique 2 in 1 application Plaster-cum-Wall Putty

Cetplast UC is a versatile facing material that can be applied to directly over smooth concrete surface without hacking or undulating surface and can be used as base coat /undercoat for interiors or as final finish for exteriors.

Cetplast UC is polymer modified Grey cement based specially 2-in-1 thin application Plaster-cum-Wall Putty in 3 to 6 mm thickness in two coat against conventional plater 12 mm plus Putty 1.5 mm

Advantages : -

  • Under Coat over plaster or Directly on Concrete surface.
  • Excellent Adhesion with substrate
  • Reduce water absorption and Crack resistant.
  • Superior mat finish, Durable & easy to use.
  • Economical 3 to 6 mm thickness against conventional plaster 12 mm
  • Does not require curing after application.
  • Ideal for Internal, External wall surface & Ceiling.
  • Available in Light Grey Finish & White finish.

Area of application:

  • All type of concrete surface.
  • All type of plaster and concrete wall.
  • Ceilings
  • Inner and outer wall.
  • Ideal for heritage buildings repair.

Direction of use:

  • For more details, please download PDF.


  • 50 to 60 sq. ft. per 25 kg bag for thickness of 3 mm. Although, the coverage area would depend on the surface quality.


  • Light Grey cement finish
  • Available white finish

Packing: 25kg Moisture resistant bag