Advance polymer based Waterproof Plasters grey finish

Cetplast WP Waterproof Plaster made using age-old technique was in use since thousands of years, we have recreated this type of Natural Plaster using modern technologies.

Cetplast WP Waterproof Plaster is cement, sand based, Natural Minerals and Polymer Additives Plaster with an advanced thermal insulation property by using green technology products which makes the building eco-friendly and safeguard it from the global warming.

Advantages : -

  • Superior Bonding: cetplast WP Waterproof Plaster bonds well with grey –cement plastered surface, which makes sure the wall finish lasts as long as the grey cement plastered surface is intact.
  • Highly Durable & Energy efficient.
  • Eco friendly & reduces labour cost.
  • Long lasting & No shrinkage

Area of Application : -

  • Inner and outer wall.
  • Brick, stone and block masonry.
  • Ceilings
  • All type of concrete surface.
  • Ideal for heritage buildings repair.

Direction of use:

  • For more details, please download PDF from our website


  • 12 to 15 sq. ft. per 25 kg for 12 mm thickness.

Packing:25 kg bags