A unique 2 in 1 product primer with Insulation

Cetprime LW is known for its unmatched quality, durability, effectiveness, strength and a long life. It is offered by us at highly cost- effective prices in the market.

We have inventions in science by modern technologies powder based Primer coat cetprime LW regulates the temperature of your building & makes the environment protection against changing weather.

Advantages : -

  • Economical and long-lasting solution.
  • Easy to use no need to add any adhesive or binder.
  • Can be used on internal & external surfaces.
  • Milky white coating and higher coverage.
  • Decorative & Protective

Features : -

  • Affordable Prices
  • Long Life
  • Varied Size Packaging
  • Tested quality

Area of Application : -

  • All type of plaster and concrete wall, Ceilings and Brick wall.

Direction of use:

  • For more details, please download PDF.


  • 40 to 50 sq. ft. per kg in two coats. Although, the coverage area would depend on the surface condition, application, skill, weather condition, dilution, porosity etc.

Packing: 20kg bucket & 20 kg Moisture resistant bag for project supply.